1 Jul 2012


So my mother’s email account was hacked this morning at around 7.41am.  And I know it was hacked because I know for certain that she was in a car at the precise moment of the lethal click.  And she doesn’t own a smart Android phone to send multiple emails at once via a 3G internet connection.  I’d like to congratulate whoever spammed her.  It had elements of convincingness.  But the way in which her contacts were addressed in the subject heading - “Hi friend” - left much to be desired.  The English was sloppy, the email was sent twice and the beautifully crafted “see you soon” at the end was somewhat endearing but was written off by the lack of capitals.  Punctuation is everything, hacker, learn some decency.  What aggravated me the most however was the “I hope your job is going good” opening.  ‘Good’, dear friend, is what us literate people would call an adjective; an adjective is used to describe a noun.  What we have here is the verb ‘going’, which thus requires the use of an adverb.  “I hope your job is going well” would therefore be the correct translation.  Just a heads up for next time.

Yours truly,

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