12 Jul 2012

Interning at The Independent Online

Part One:
The Independent 
Pretty spiral staircaseIt felt like a completely different world peering through the glass revolving doors of Northcliffe House - home of some of the UK's most established newspapers. I was there for my internship at The Independent Online and was greeted on arrival by a bodyguard who asked to check my bag.  The queue to reception was long but I waited patiently, watching the free stacks of newspapers diminish one by one.  The woman at the check-in gave me a name badge next to the words “Work Experience” and phoned up to the Online Editor who would be meeting me upstairs in the atrium.  I was directed towards the escalator and as I began to climb it I could see a wide panorama of businessmen and women, drinking coffee as they spoke intently to their colleagues.  I felt like I was entering a new world of shiny glass walls and grandiose plants which perched in every corner of the illustrious building.  Water ran off the marble walls in fountains and I couldn't help but think I was in some sort of interior rainforest.  The tables glinted as if they were made up of a thousand tiny mirrors and I could smell freshly baked croissants coming from a nearby canteen.  A stately glass elevator on my left was surrounded by journalists discussing the day's agenda.  A spiral staircase lead up to the next floor and all the walls seemed to be made of more glass as I rotated my vision, stunned by the magnificence of it all.  As clich├ęd as it sounds, I really did feel like I’d momentarily fallen into a Hollywood movie.

Watch this space.


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