7 Jul 2012

The Morning After

babies-babies-babiesIsn’t it curious how differently people react to the news that they’re pregnant?  A night of unprotected sex in certain circumstances leads to baby scares and trips to the clinic, while others hope that session of love-making would give them the baby they’ve been waiting for.  A positive result on a pregnancy test can result in tears of happiness, or distress; a happy husband, or an angry boyfriend.  Husbands leave infertile wives, while boyfriends leave the girl they’ve just knocked up.  We live our lives, hoping to some extent that our actions are reversible, relying on medication to absolve us of the mess we brought ourselves into.  Isn’t it sad that it’s quicker and less expensive to have an abortion, than to get IVF treatment?  You can take a pill to destroy your child, yet you can’t take a pill to bring the stalk to your doorstep.  Should having a child be a right, or a privilege?  Especially when you see teen mums wandering the streets with their prams, swearing abusively as they trawl back to their council houses as desperate women all over the world wait expectantly for the pink indicator to glimmer on their 100th pregnancy test.  It’s astonishing how long the adoption process is; the years people wait until they’re finally matched up with a child who can become their own.  The interviews and assessments, the house visits and the mandatory meetings.  When all the while, unprepared girls begin breeding with the flick of a light switch.  Is it really all that fair?  Are we all destined to be mothers? 

Watch this space.


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