1 Jul 2012



newspaperI seem to have a lot of revelations whilst out walking the dog.  I’m not sure whether I have the fresh air to thank, or maybe it’s something about it being half 3 in the afternoon; but that seems to be when I get bursts of inspiration.  Or just before I’m about to doze off, a brilliant idea pops to the forefront of my mind and I know if I don’t force myself out of bed and write it down on a post-it note that I will have forgotten it by morning.  I do sometimes wish I had an easy-access catalogue of my mind, just for reference.  Time changes perceptions and you start to lose the memory of how you felt about things which happened not only years ago, but even just months or days ago.  Do you ever wish you could hit the replay button and re-live how you felt in a special moment?  Because we both know the life ahead of us seems to be full of anti-climaxes and moments which never quite live up to our expectations; the best moments are always at the start, before you’ve even started looking for them.  You don’t need dinner or candlelight, imperfect plans or hidden agendas.  You just need two people meeting for the first time, unexpectedly.  Because the best moments are always the unexpected ones.  The ones that you forget all too fast because instead of spending all your time mentally photographing each step, you’re caught up in the moment which even a camera couldn’t ever dream to capture.
Watch this space.


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