4 Jul 2012

Accommodation: Sorted

The prospect of being homeless on your year abroad is rather discomforting to say the least.  In fact, even the prospect of agreeing to rent a room in a stranger’s 2 bedroom apartment for a year is pretty frightening.  It was never part of the plan to be the unfortunate English girl who got sodomised by her flat-mate in central Paris.  Thankfully, fate has allowed it that I will be neither homeless nor flat-sharing with a serial rapist.

imageLast night I saw my new bedroom for the first time on Skype! Yippy.  I’m going to be living slap bang in the centre of Paris in a beautiful, spacious room with a giant balcony window with an overhanging shrub (albeit no balcony), a double bed, desk, wardrobe and a chest of drawers.  What more does one need?

And the great news? I’m going to be living with Frenchies; born and bred Frenchies.  As much as it’s tempting to scout out a pad with some English folk, there’s nothing quite like settling down into the heart of Paris; and by that I mean, into a Parisian home.  I’ll be living with a French family; a mother and her two teenage children (17 and 19) and their black cat.  I’ve never lived with a cat before so I’m hoping to God that I’m not allergic otherwise this could be interesting.  I am of course in charge of all my meals and friends are welcome to visit whenever they like.  The independence is fabulous.  I’m just hoping that living with a French family will do wonders for my language.  If I’m not fluent by the end of it, I want a full refund.

Watch this space.


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