8 Jul 2012

Oh baby, it's raining!

The English are notorious for forming conversations around the weather.  When it rains, we think “typical England”; when we see a ray of sunshine, we think “time to get out the bikini before it starts raining again”; when it snows, we think “yay! Snowman time”, followed by “dammit, I’m about to get hypothermia”; and when it’s “really” hot: “I can’t move, this heat wave is making me really lethargic”…. “Screw this, I didn’t know you could actually sunburn in England”.  Are we really all that fascinated by the weather, or is it our go-to topic of conversation when we don’t have anything else to say?  It’s always the immediate conversation filler after the initial “Hi, my name’s Harry” and it’s almost always a topic of agreement.  Weather, however hard you try, is unlikely to be controversial.  I mean, if it’s raining, you can’t bloody deny it.   And the English and their stiff upper lips are more than happy to engage themselves in sturdy subject matters which require little expert knowledge; only a functional pair of eyes.  

Today’s it raining.  Today Murray is going to get beaten win at Wimbledon.  Talk about pathetic fallacy!

Watch this space.

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