22 Jun 2012


So it’s just over 2 months today until I start my year abroad in France.  I passed my second year at the University of Exeter with a 66.63 grade average (that’s a 2:1 for you non-uni types) and I’m well on my way to becoming one of the most successful half-British, half-American ladies, like, ever.  At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.  I must warn you, this blog will be rife with sarcasm, self-acclaimed adoration and repugnance (possibly even at the same time) and plenty of awful jokes.

Over a month ago I was accepted for an internship at the International Herald Tribune (think New York Times hits Paris) which I’m incredibly excited about (*does celebratory dance and wiggles bottom*).  My current issue however is that they have yet to confirm exact dates for my stay there, so I feel a bit like a hamster on its very own Ferris wheel.  Excitement has turned into nerves.  Where am I going to live?  Am I going to make any friends?  Will they pay me? Am I actually going to come back from my year abroad speaking fluent French?  The IHT is an English-language paper after all so I’m hardly going to be getting my daily French dosage within their walls….

I have lots of questions right now and I’m hoping I’ll be able to answer most of them myself before I arrive in La Ville-Lumière.  Or at least, with a little help from the Google.  This blog plans to follow me through the 2 months leading up to my YA, as well as being a medium for sharing all my stories, adventures and maybe even a few pics while I’m out there!  I hope you enjoy.

Watch this space.


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