23 Jun 2012


Ok, so it’s half 1 in the afternoon and I’m lying in bed, propped up on two pillows with a mug of luke-warm coffee on my left and a laptop on my knees.  I say “a” laptop as if I have multiple, which I assure you is not the case.  I have an “Acer”; 2 years old, with a faulty “o” button, a dirty screen and a questionable battery life.  My wallet didn’t quite stretch to the MAC variety.

So my plan of action today was to purchase an ISIC (International Student Identity Card).  Sounds swish doesn’t it?  Giving students a wide variety of discounts all over the world, I’ve decided that the ISIC is a must-have for just £9.  I’ve been informed by the website that the card is valid for up to 16 months.  How delightful.  However, on the terms and conditions it says the card is valid from September 1 until December 2012.  I may not be doing a Maths degree but I’m pretty sure that’s only 3 months.  A far cry away from the 16 months proposed originally.  Looks like I’m going to have to make a little trip to a STA Travel store to re-evaluate their claims.  Sadly, STA does not operate in my hometown Colchester, which means I’m going to have to continue my ISIC hunting a little further afield.  Oh boy, London’s calling.

Watch this space.


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