24 Jun 2012

Country Bumpkin to City Slicker

I’ve just taken our gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Smudge, on a walk.  Apart from being chased part-way by a slightly kooky Alsatian, the walk really pointed out to me what I’d miss most about England.  I live in the countryside, surrounded by green trees, green grass, green fields, green pond water.  My next-door neighbours have even painted their own house green. 

From Hunter wellies to Christian Louboutin’s, I plan to perfect the transformation from country bumpkin to city slicker.  Goodbye country pubs with your sour-smelling old men, Sunday carveries and menus hand-written on chalk boards.  Hello glamorous bars with your juvenile clientele, alimentation of the foie gras variety and gold-laced carte du jour.  Oh boy, Paris is calling.

Watch this space.


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