11 Jan 2013

Flirting Females

The word flirting is so titillating.  It's even hard not to say it in a flirtatious way.   Flurrrrr-tingggg.  I think it's partly the thrusting of the tongue against your teeth as you say it.  Thrust: now there's another titillating word.

There's something so wonderful about the concept of flirting; trying to get a member of the opposite sex - or same sex depending on your sexual orientation - to fancy you, even just for a moment.  We all become like peacocks, flaunting our feathers to lure in our prey.

For a woman hunting down men, there are various different methods she may use:

Hair twirlSometimes it's subtle: she's twirling a lock of hair around her finger.  Perhaps this is just a habit or maybe she's nervous and needs to occupy her hands to avoid cracking her knuckles (an awful habit which I dip in and out of.)  However, it could also mean she's subconsciously attracted to the handsome specimen sitting opposite her.  She enjoys flaunting her femininity at him because she thinks it makes her more desirable.  She may even go one step further and flick the contents of her hair away from her face, showing off generous proportions of her neck.  Or if she's really trying to create a scene, she may purposefully pull her hair back into a pony tail, only to skilfully slide it off at the precise moment a man walks into her periphery, before shaking her locks in slow-mo style.  She'll deny it was staged.

Not only that, she subconsciously becomes more girly.  Her voice gets that teeny bit higher and she giggles rather than laughs, and does that half smile half pout because she thinks it makes her look more seductive. She bites her lip from time to time and keeps her eyes as wide-open as possible, hypnotising her target with a dreamy gaze.  He loves it because it creates a moment of intensity before she feigns embarrassment and looks away, all the while wrapping the same lock of hair around her finger.
She pretends to be simultaneously silly, naive and cute, because she thinks it makes her more endearing.  She doesn't want to come across as overly opinionated or clever because she's worried this may intimidate him.  As soon as he escapes to the WC, she reapplies her lipgloss and subtly massages her lips together when he arrives back at his seat.  She catches him staring and her eyes sparkle.  She likes to remain mysterious and uses teasing lines like 'a lady never tells', to keep the suspense up.  She describes herself as 'innocent' even though she knows she's not, because she knows he'll find this appealing.  A truly innocent girl rarely describes herself as innocent and he's well aware of this.

poutShe shows an overly eager interest in everything he has to say, nodding a lot, making 'mmmm' noises, even though she knows nothing about his subject of choice.  Everything that comes out of his mouth seems gold plated from behind her rose-tinted glasses and she humours him with little comments here and there to encourage him to keep talking.  She laughs at all his jokes or musings, even when they're not funny.  She pretends she's interested in sport and talks about the time she used to have season tickets for her local team, supported by her Dad and brother.  She doesn't mention that the best part of the match was buying a hotdog at half time.

Then there's the not-so-subtle flirting which involves flinging herself at men, commonly in nightclubs after one too many Long Island Ice Teas.  If you know anything about cocktails, you'll know that knocking back the aforementioned will practically be the end of you.  And I mean THE end.  Instead of locking eyes with you, she'll stare straight at your mouth, before walking past you, accidentally brushing your arm, and 'accidentally' pinching your arse.  She wants you to pinch hers back.

Watch this space.


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