16 Oct 2012

Vicious Retaliation

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ef/Dustbin_Baby.jpgYep, that’s what I’m talking about.  Someone obviously found out about the hair dryer incident and has (justifiably) stolen my bin.  One of the stranger things to steal…after all, my laptop was sitting on my bed.  Correction: it still is sitting on my bed.  But apparently after diamonds, bins are today’s sought after "product de luxe".  Coming to think of it...a diamond studded bin would be quite a marvel.  And now I'm reminded of the London 2011 riots when a little kid was caught stealing a £50 waste bin from Debenhams.  Perhaps he was planning to use it to secrete his newly pinched 50-inch plasma screen.  Or maybe he simply had an appreciation for expensive trash cans.  Who knows... 

Whatever the reason, a bin is a rather odd item to remove from someone's bedroom.  Especially when it’s black and plastic.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of my bin, I’d be greatly appreciative if they could send it this way.  Or in fact, if anyone has a spare one floating about, that wouldn’t go amiss either.

Yours truly,


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