13 Oct 2012

Pretty in Paris

Maybelline Mascara  #happyhealthyUntil this afternoon, I rather feared that re-stocking my make-up bag would be downright impossible.  I began to prepare for the worst.  I’d purchased some dark glasses for my eyes and a shawl to cover my face.  This was the temporary plan, at least.  Darth Vadar Style.  My beloved brands like No 7, Barry M and Max Factor didn’t seem to grace the Parisian periphery, and Maybelline was only available online.  Whatever would I do?  I’d already parted ways with Herbal Essences, but I wasn’t willing to part ways with my face too.  No, this simply would not do.

Paris, as I have previously lamented, doesn’t have a Boots.  Its semi-alternative is Sephora – which sells make-up that costs you an arm and a leg.  As much as my beauty regime is important to me, I’d rather not spend €30 on some mascara, just because someone decided to scribble Yves Saint Laurent or Estée Lauder across it.  I was beginning to wonder where people in this country actually buy their make-up.  Are they all insanely rich, or am I missing something?  Or perhaps they’re all so naturally beautiful that they don’t rely on smacking on layer after layer of foundation TOWIE style?   

One discovery I did find is that if you’re not fussy at all, you’ll find outrageously cheap beauty products in station concourses.  I went down this route the first time, chuffed at myself for finding €2 mascara.  Let’s just say, I won’t be going back anytime soon.  Not only is it making me look like I have one large eye-lash (shexy), it’s also so flat that it doesn’t give me any of the extra volume I was promised.  Rimmel’s “Get yourself the London look” never seemed a more appropriate slogan than right now.  Because apparently, the Parisian flaccid eyelash look doesn’t suit me so well.

http://images.mysupermarket.co.uk/Products_1000/24/026724.jpgUpon waltzing into Monoprix today on my way to spending yet another small fortune on a baguette, some frozen peas and a tangerine, I came across a blissful discovery.  Not only did I spot make-up galore, but I also couldn’t help notice exactly the same Maybelline mascara I’d be lusting after for so long.  It was like my eyes had finally been opened.  Literally.

And then I bought some Covent Garden mushroom soup because it was raining, and I fancied celebrating*.  Although I did buy some boeuf bourguignon from the Deli counter too, just to make sure I didn’t indulge too much in my roots.

Watch this space.

*I'd just like to clarify that this celebrating has to do with me finally purchasing mascara, not the fact that it was raining.  

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