28 Nov 2012

9 Shades of Paris


9th installment


His apartment is modern and spacious with artsy furnishings and impressive paintings.  He shows me around and I instantly fall in love with the high ceilings and subtle, sophisticated colour scheme of taupe, cream and red.  I discover things about him that I didn't know before.  I spy a library of books all in alphabetical order.  The latest copy of GQ sits at a perfect right angle on the coffee table in the lounge.  

Stepping into the kitchen I find myself stopping in my tracks.  It hardly looks like he spends any time within its beautiful interior; an untouched gem.  I wouldn't be surprised if there's nothing hiding behind the multifaceted cupboards or the countless drawers.  A gorgeous granite island steals pride of place, and shining pots and pans hang from equally glowing hooks above the oven.  I stare at him in bewilderment, unable to keep the shock off my face.  ''I don't think this could get any better'' I say, gawking.  He half smiles as if he has something to add.  Then he turns to look at me and before I can do anything, he gently covers my eyes with his hands. 

He's standing behind me and gently shuffles me forward.  I try to peek through his hands but I'm met with complete darkness.  I hear a subtle click and a faint hum, but I'm disorientated and anxious to discover his secret.  ''Are you ready?'' he whispers softly into my ear.  I gently nod and he slowly moves his hands away from my eyes, massaging my temples as he does so.

I have GOT to make this into an iPhone skin!!!!!!! <3 (yes, I'm weird.)My heart stops.  An unmatchable skyline gazing out over the entire city floods my vision.  The view penetrates the large glass doors which make the view possible, also showcasing the expansive balcony decked with what appears to be sun loungers and a telescope.  White fairy lights illuminate two green pot plants, shimmering like pearls.  I shake my head in awe.  He smiles dismissively, winking cheekily which makes my heart momentarily spin in lively circles.  ''I think I need to sit down'' I mutter faintly.

He walks over to an ivory cabinet and I watch as he brings out an old record-player.  I excitedly wait for the crackle as the needle taps the record and my heart warms at the sound of mellow jazz.  I sink into his suede couch, easing myself into the melody and loosening my shoulders. He covers my feet with a cashmere blanket and pours me a glass of 2008 Bordeaux.  ''You certainly pull out all the stops don't you?  You must have done this before'' I tease.  ''How can you possibly say that?'' he replies, pretending to take offense.  My eyes wonder around the room, envious of his home.  I glance behind me and glimpse a tiger skin rug mounted on the wall.  ''Shot it myself'' he says, his tone serious.  I double take, slightly worried that Mr. Perfect isn't quite as perfect as I thought.  He sees my face scrunch up slightly and shoots me a glance.  ''I'm kidding'' he sighs,  ''it was actually a gift.''  The puzzle fits back into place and I sit there looking smug, certain that if I haven't already, I will need to capture the heart of this extraordinary human being.

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